January 14, 2016

Sydney Sprout innovation event wrap-up

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Odecee’s innovation event, Sprout, is traditionally based in Melbourne; usually, our Sydney team members participate from the Sydney office and then dial in to present their idea.

As the Sydney team has continued to grow, though, dialing in just isn’t cutting it. So, this month, we launched the first ever exclusive Sydney Sprout event!

Sydney Sprout #1 took place on Jan 7 & 8 at the stylish QT Hotel in the CBD. Over two days, four teams worked on bringing their own ideas to life in teams of their choosing. After the event, they presented their ideas to the rest of the company; the idea that received the most votes from the audience will now receive funding and support to be developed into an MVP.

Check out these videos for a brief summary of the ideas:

“Brisk with Dexler”



And the winning idea….

“Technology Spotlight”

Congratulations to the Technology Spotlight team – Bryce, Mazen, Alex and Quentin – and to everyone who took part in Sydney Sprout for their incredible work!

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