From the expert minds of Darren, Stas and Luke

An app that digitises and stores all of your receipts in one place, providing detailed spending data used to analyse and manage expenses

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From the expert minds of James and Adam

An app that gamifies grocery shopping to make the experience more positive for parents and their children

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From the expert minds of Ashton and James

A self-hosted solution that helps enterprises take control of their mobile deployments while keeping risk at a minimum

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From the expert minds of Brett, Keren, Michael and Tim

A tool that generates build configurations for web developers in just a few minutes, instead of weeks

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From the expert minds of Ashton, Dan P, Quentin and Dean

A tool for presenters to help better engage audiences and track sentiment in real time

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Hands On

From the expert minds of Andrew, Keren and Neel

An app that brings together project management, solution design and architecture tools – with a Minority report feel – for more interactive collaboration

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From the expert minds of Derek and Vitaly

Crux is an interactive story management system that brings agile projects back to basics for faster, clearer and more enjoyable planning sessions

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Record my side-effects

From the expert minds of Peter, Michael and Dylan

An app designed to simplify and improve the process of recording side effects for patients in clinical trials, and provide more comprehensive and more accurate information to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

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City SDK Melbourne

From the expert minds of Vlado, Steve, Neel and Adam

A tool that enriches the lives of Melburnians by providing an easy way to access city-relevant data

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