August 30, 2016

Sprout innovation event #11 wrap-up

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Sprout #11 Melbourne – The Sprout-lympics!

Our 11th Melbourne Sprout took place last week, and it was a fantastic couple of days. Childhood dreams were fulfilled, fake world records were smashed and plastic gold medals were worn with pride.


Sprout is Odecee’s quarterly innovation event, designed to give our team members an opportunity to collaborate on new ideas and develop innovative ‘real world’ solutions. With the latest technologies at their disposal, our experts work in teams of their choosing to bring their own ideas to life!

Fueled by lollies and St Ali coffee, 26 Sprout-letes competed in the 11th Melbournre Sprout, working in eight teams for two days at Smart Artz gallery in South Melbourne. At the end of the second day, the teams presented their ideas to a group of Odecee ‘investors’ and a panel of guest judges. The investors and judges then determined the ‘winners’, which was no mean feat – the quality of the ideas and presentations was astonishingly good across the board.

The ideas on show were:

  • ChainCrypt – a password management solution that allows users to store client-encrypted passwords on a blockchain.
  • ecode (‘smart’ keep cups) – an app that shows users how they positively impact the environment each time they get a coffee without the paper cup.
  • GEOCOLABS – an app that allows for simple viewing, creating and sharing of public and private collections of geographical locations.
  • Head Start – an app designed to give new starters at Odecee the best possible experience by gamifying the onboarding process and guiding them through their first few weeks.
  • PACT – a cross-platform application for workplaces that educates, drives habit changes and shows user/organisation process towards sustainability.
  • Pollinate – an idea management system that allows users to easily capture and vote on ideas on-the-go – perfect for hack days and other innovation events (like Sprout!).
  • Stage Fright – a program that uses VR to help people improve their presentation skills in front of a virtual audience.
  • Zap – a platform that allows users to easily broadcast timely short bursts of information via push notifications for groups and events.

It was a very tight race, but there can only be two winners at the Sprout-lympics (it differs from the actual Olympics in that way ONLY).

  • People’s vote winner (which will now go to MVP): Stage Fright by James Dunwoody and Suzanne Chamberlain
  • Judge’s award winner: GEOCOLABS by Stas Likane and Jasper Brekelmans

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all involved in Sprout!


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