The Challenge

When an agile methodology is used on a project, work units are divided into ‘stories’; generally, these stories are recorded on hand-written cards, which are arranged (and rearranged) on a physical wall - a ‘story board’. The stories are also recorded in a project tracking tool like Jira to ensure they can be accessed any time and anywhere. Maintaining the physical and digital boards not only requires double-handling, it’s also a challenge to keep them in sync in a fast-paced large-scale project.

The Idea

One of our teams at Sprout 9 came up with the idea for ‘HandsOn’ - a physical story wall, virtually. HandsOn is a web application that is projected on a wall using a smart projector. With the application, ‘story’ cards can be moved by physically touching the projection on the wall and actually moving them around; the digital board is automatically updated, removing the extra work and solving the sync issues. HandsOn brings together project management, solution design and architecture tools – with a Minority report feel – for more interactive collaboration.

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