The association between the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Odecee began not with a commission, but with a contribution. Starlight delivers programs that bring fun and laughter to sick children no matter what their illness or where they live; as firm believers in Starlight’s work, Odecee became a Silver Partner in 2013, raising almost $30,000 through fancy dress days, competitions, running programs and other events.

Through this partnership, Starlight began to learn a little about us – both what we do and the kind of people we are. At the same time, they had a big problem that needed solving.


Starlight’s in-hospital programs are varied in content, audience, schedule and mode of delivery, making it difficult to keep track of user information. The existing administration process was problematic – paper forms and manual data entry were labour-intensive for Starlight staff and open to error. More time on paperwork meant less time for the kids, so admin tended to get pushed to the side.

Starlight knew they needed to more accurately capture – and be able to report on – user data in a way that was sensitive to the hospital environment and did not interfere with the delivery of their programs. Knowing we were technical experts – and that we believed in what they do - Starlight asked if we might be able to help. We jumped at the chance.


We put together a team of passionate volunteers who met before and after work, during lunch and on weekends to plot out a solution that would meet Starlight’s goals without lumping them with a hefty price tag.

We consulted with Starlight staff and volunteers, spoke to the kids and took part in programs to help us get a better understanding of the processes, the people and the pain points. From here, we developed a series of user profiles and journeys that would help us conceptualise the user experience.

We met regularly with Starlight management to share our thoughts and listen to theirs. Internally, we put the problem to our people and used our innovation event Sprout to investigate and test new technologies to ensure we had every base covered.


At the end of the process, we delivered to Starlight a comprehensive set of recommendations for a system that would solve their problems; Starlight was so pleased with our work they asked us to stay on and build it for them.

The solution - "Orbit" - is completely customised, combining an Android app with NFC technology and LCD screens. Orbit integrates seamlessly with Starlight’s existing back-end systems and meets their organisational requirements, including fail-safe data capture, reduced user input and full reporting capabilities. More than that though, the ‘touch-on/touch-off’ system is fast, simple, personalised and fun for all users – an exciting enhancement to the Starlight program, rather than something that holds it back.

The relationship between Odecee and Starlight doesn’t end there – ‘giving back’ to the community means a lot to us, and helping Starlight is one of our favourite ways to do it. In fact, we've already starting thinking about what could be next for Orbit... To find out more about the Starlight Children’s Foundation and how you can assist, visit