Australia Post ParcelSend

By 2012, traditional mail was flagging and parcel sending was the way of the future. Australia Post was a market leader in the space, but new offshore players were continually emerging and threatening their position. Australia Post needed a competitive edge. They had invested heavily in their parcel delivery capability and wanted to show customers they were on top of latest trends by pioneering an exceptional user experience. They were ready to push the boundaries of technology...


Australia Post’s business team had the beginnings of an idea – an app that would allow consumers to conduct parcel transactions from their mobile phones. Our work with ANZ had given us a reputation for delivery and innovation in mobile software; Australia Post knew of us already and called us in to help them develop the idea and turn it into an application. Our teams worked together to workshop the concept and determine how we could use the latest technologies to bring it to life.


As with all our engagements, integration with our customer was at the forefront of our approach. While our people led the project, we collaborated closely with Australia Post’s team and overall program manager to ensure we had a deep understanding of the business. We conducted extensive customer research to define user goals and align them with business objectives. While the underlying functionality was extremely complex, we knew the interface itself needed to be simple and concise. We developed personas and buyer journeys based on real customer groups and undertook extensive testing to help us conceptualise the user experience.


We built our design into a prototype. The app – ‘ParcelSend’ – allowed users to get quotes, create labels, pay for delivery and organise parcels to be collected – all on their mobile phone. We used our proven automated and manual processes to comprehensively test the app to ensure it met our standards and fulfilled Australia Post’s requirements. We published ParcelSend to iOS and Android, making it the first app in the Australian market allowing users to perform an entire end-to-end parcel transaction without setting foot in the post office.


Uptake of ParcelSend was substantial and the launch generated considerable press attention for Australia Post, helping establish them as an innovative competitor. The success of the project fostered a strong solid relationship between Australia Post and Odecee. The ParcelSend application has been supported, maintained and enhanced by our mobile delivery team – on a DevOps platform developed by us – since its release. Today, we continue to work in partnership with Australia Post to experiment with innovation and explore new technologies.