October 16, 2015

Odecee innovation event Sprout – the verdict

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Sprout 9 took place in Melbourne last week, and while Sprout always tends to bring out the hyperbole in us, this one truly was the BIGGEST AND BEST EVER. Dubbed ‘SuperSprout’ because of its brand new location and record number of ideas, the 9th Sprout was the Sprout to end all Sprouts. (Until the 10th, anyway.)

If you’ve never heard of Sprout, this probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to you. Let me explain: Sprout is Odecee’s innovation event, designed to give our team members an opportunity to work with new technologies and new people to bring their own ideas to life. More than just a hack day, Sprout is focused on ‘real world’ outcomes, and at the end of the event the most popular ideas receive formal Odecee funding for further development.

Sprout 9 – as we’ve established – really raised the bar. Thirty-one participants worked in twelve teams over two days at donkey wheel house on Bourke St – a heritage-listed building owned by the donkey wheel Charitable Trust that is home to a thriving community of socially-conscious organisations.

Throughout the two days of Sprout, we continually tested the teams’ focus and commitment by distracting them with show bags, games, movies and delicious food from Kinfolk cafe downstairs. But they were remarkably unflappable as they worked determinedly on their ideas; not even a lunchtime screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron could wrench them away from their laptops.


Their industriousness paid off – the Sprouters came up with twelve innovative ideas between them. Some had potential immediate applications on current client projects while others were focused on exploring future opportunities. We had digital receipts, gamified grocery shopping and virtual agile walls. There were tools for better managing cloud infrastructure, lunch dates and direct debit agreements (not all at the same time. Although THAT would be an interesting idea…). All in all, the ideas across the board were excellent and the achievements of all the Sprout teams was astonishing. For more details on the ideas from Sprout 9, watch this space…



At the end of the two days of Sprout, a big contingent of Odecee folk came to see what the Sprouters had been up to and help determine the winning ideas.

From 5pm Friday, donkey wheel house turned into a bustling marketplace. The throng ate Brazilian street food, sipped sangria and tapped toes to music from DJ Phil Beadle. Most importantly, they visited all the Sprout teams, watched the demonstrations and voted on the ideas they thought had the most potential.



Ultimately, two winning ideas emerged from a very tight race:


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Receiptr (Stas Likane, Luke Simpson and Darren Kong, with a helping hand from Aarushi Kansal) – an app that digitises and stores all of your receipts in one place, providing detailed spending data used to analyse and manage expenses. Hands-on (Andrew Gaspar, Neel Patel, Keren Burshtein, Hemant Garg) – your physical story wall, virtually. The application brings project management, solution design and architecture tools together – with a Minority report feel – for more interactive collaboration.


Congratulations to the winning teams!

We know people always say these things, but this genuinely was a very level playing field. We were greatly impressed by the quality of the ideas across the board, and were happy to see that every single idea received a vote. Well done to all the Sprouters!


In addition to a fancy dinner with our Head of Innovation, the winning teams will now be allocated the time and resources needed to turn their ideas into MVPs (minimum viable products).

For the ideas that missed out on the top two spots, it’s not necessarily the end of the road. Sprout ideas are dreamed up with our customers in mind, so we now showcase all relevant Sprout ideas at our Client Sprout Night.

If you’d like to know more about Sprout or any of our ideas, feel free to get in touch.

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