December 22, 2015

Innovation @ Odecee – Sprout Sprint!

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All we want for Christmas is some MVPs… 

Innovation is in the air at Odecee, with teams all over the office working on bringing past Sprout ideas to life as part of our first ever ‘Sprout Sprint’.

Sprout is Odecee’s internal innovation event – over two days several times a year, our people work on their own ideas in teams of their choosing. The most popular ideas (as voted by the team) receive formal funding and support to turn them into minimum viable products – MVPs.

sprout sprint

And that’s what Sprout Sprint is for. For the whole of this working week, a number of teams are busily working away to develop MVPs for five of our recent Sprout ideas:

  • Receiptr: An app that digitises and stores all of your receipts in one place, providing detailed spending data used to analyse and manage expenses.
  • HandsOn: A tool that brings together project management, solution design and architecture tools – with a Minority report feel – for more interactive collaboration.
  • Crux: An interactive story management system that brings agile projects back to basics for faster, clearer and more enjoyable planning sessions.
  • City SDK Melbourne: A tool that enriches the lives of Melburnians by providing an easy way to access city-relevant data.
  • Confit: A tool that generates build configurations for developers in just minutes, instead of weeks.

Some of these ideas will act as PoCs for further discussion with our customers, while others will be used internally to support projects. Either way, Sprout Sprint is a great opportunity for our team to work with new people, hone their skills, and – most importantly – turn their ideas into real-world solutions.

Stay tuned for the outcomes; in the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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